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Indoors and Walk & Talk Outdoors

It is relaxing and equally activating


Often a reason to ponder life and its meaning,  it is ideal for healing us.

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What  to expect

During René's Walk & Talk, you will be guided by a lifetime of wisdom inspired by Nature and matured in the World.

René takes you outside, away from the stress and the hustle and bustle of daily life. Rather than sitting face to face in a room, you will be on a walk as if you were having an ordinary conversation but we will talk about what matters in your life.


You will feel that talking comes easy when you are walking surrounded by the vibrancy and aliveness of the bush and the lake. Time in nature is remedial and will boost the healing power of your session.

A leisurely stroll along Narrabeen Lake, sitting on a rock and enjoying the beauty around will be a game-changer in your life.

If you are sitting with questions, like to have a serious chat, want to talk about subjects you usually do not talk about, or struggle with life issues and unwanted emotions, Walk and Talk is there and will leave you transformed, energised, and inspired. 


There will be nothing off the table, and the sessions are subject to the code of practice and confidential and ethical guidelines of the Australian Counselling Authority.

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Meet René

A bushwalker, born from the Alps in Japan, where he drew his philosophy of life 40 years ago, René has long appreciated the presence of life in all aspects of nature and people. The influence of forests on humans, animals and plants has grounded his work as a life coach and counsellor.​

 René has lived and worked overseas in several counties since he left his native Netherlands in his early twenties.

He is a natural counsellor who will make you ponder upon the bigger questions of life in a kind, supportive and nurtured way, whether indoors at his practice by the Lake or outdoors in nature.

In a session with René, you will discover new and "outside the box" big-picture ideas, redirecting your life away from tried, disappointing methods.